Samson became JJ Food Service's first dedicated in house photographer in October 2016.
This album contains promotional material combining Samson's photography and works of the in house graphic design team.
Icelandic Cod Skin OnIcelandic CodIcelandic FishIcelandic Fish Email website bannerJJ Food Service Credit CardHow We Are helping Customers - YouTube ImageJJ Food Service Click & Collect BannerPrawns AdvertFish & Chips PackagingSuper Crisp Chip AdvertSuper Crisp ChipsSq-easy SauceNatura Orange DrinkThank You SignWelcome To JJ Food ServicePoppin ChickenPhotograph by Samson Reddyhoff / Design by Leah WoodPhotograph by Samson Reddyhoff / Design by Sam BrignellPhotograph by Samson Reddyhoff/Design by Sam Brignell