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This album contains photographs that where on exhibition at Hemel Hempstead Town Hall, April 2017.

About the photographs:
"These 5 photographs were captured at 5 separate locations at 5 different times of day.
The images, though consistent in their composure, show diversity.
Shooting through the perspective of the captured subjects, the series aims to inspire the importance of allowing ones self to experience inner and outer tranquility."

These photographs come from a period where I did a lot of traveling (before I had a Mortgage...)! I worked as a Cruise Ship Photographer for 3 years and took long trips to amazing locations, such as Japan. These photographs remind me to be grateful for having the opportunity to see and experience so many wonderful places.
Artist At DawnA Blissful Day (Salvador, Brazil)Catching the Sunset (Awaji, Japan)Rideing By Dusk (Awaji, Japan)Midnight Monk (Vietnam)