How to get a job as a cruise ship photographer.
JANUARY 27, 2023

Video: My cruise ship photography experience
Please note that the below was filmed a fair few years ago (2018), so some of the statistics such as pay may no longer apply. But my experience is still true and relevant!

In 2013 I signed up for my first contract as a Cruise Ship Photographer . The job sounds amazing right!? You get paid to travel and take photographs? Heck yeah!

The build up to my first contract was an exciting time, I was not long out of university, and eager to see the world. But beyond the formal contracts, PDF presentations and Visas that I had to sign up for, I wanted to know, what is life actually like working as a Cruise Ship Photographer? Do I actually get to go out in port? And How long for? How much do I get paid? What do I eat? What clothes do I take? Do I need my own camera? What if I get sea sick? and many many more questions...

In the below video I mainly focus on my personal work life balance (covering 5 contracts over 3 years), I also share some of my own experiences and views. I only scratch the surface of what life is like working at sea.

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