Personal & Promotional Videography

Crown Motors

I am the Marketing Manager for Crown Motors, (aka Crown Honda & Crown Suzuki).
I am constantly creating fresh content for their websites as well as their social media accounts, all of which I maintain.
Visit Crown Honda's Instagram | Visit Crown Suzuki's Instagram

Bellow are a select few recent videos that I planned, shot end edited.

New Jazz Hybrid Launch Video

Buying Cars Online

COVID-19 What Crown are doing differently

Why buy from Crown Honda?

Tips to maintain you Honda car.

Graze Life
I create and manage the content for the Bespoke food sharing company Graze Life
Below are some videos that I made for them.


Ecliptic Sons
Ecliptic Sons is a new group made up of my self and music producer Anubis Son.
Together we create rap/hip hop music and write, shoot & edit music videos. Visit our Facebook page for the latest information.
You can watch 2 of our most recent projects below. 

Plugged in
Written by Samson Reddyhoff - Music by Anubis Son - Shot & Edited by Samson Reddyhoff

The Man On The Moon
Written by Samson Reddyhoff - Music by Anubis Son - Shot & Edited by Samson Reddyhoff

i Dent
Written by Anubis Son - Music by Anubis Son - Shot & Edited by Samson Reddyhoff


Nikon Z6/Z7 Tamron Lens Compatibility Test
Here I test out the new Nikon Z6 with my Tamron first generation lenses.

Puluz Portable Studio Photo Light Box Review
I show how to set up the Portable photo light box and whether the product is good or not!

JJ Foodservice Marketing Campaigns

JJ Foodservice Buffalo Cheese.
Filmed by Omar El Haj / Edited, Assisted & Photography Directed by Samson Reddyhoff

JJ Foodservice Super Crisp Chips.
Filmed and Edited by Simon Samuel / Assisted & Photography Directed by Samson Reddyhoff

JJ Foodservice Burger Campaign
Filmed by Maria Molalla Puchal / Edited by Don Ma / Assisted & Photography Directed by Samson Reddyhoff

World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms (Japan). 
Documenting the experience of volunteering and working on organic farms in Japan. 
A fantastic life style that teaches you to appreciate every grain of rice. Film & edited by Samson Reddyhoff

A Day In The Life Of The World.
This video features a handful of places that I have visited over a 3 year period whilst working
as a cruise ship photographer and videographer for P&O Cruises and Cunard. Film & edited by Samson Reddyhoff

Photo Book.
A Photo Book containing Photographs from my 3 month tour of Japan. Created by Samson Reddyhoff. Film & edited by Samson Reddyhoff

Rock 'N' Roll You're Beautiful.
Music Video starring Mike Redway and his song Rock "n" Roll You're Beautiful. Film & edited by Samson Reddyhoff . ©Amphonic Music

Grace Dickinson.
Young and talented Grace Dickinson's original song All Good. Film & edited by Samson Reddyhoff


Cruise Ship Photographers.
In this video I mainly focus on my personal work life balance whilst working on cruise ships (covering 5 contracts over 3 years), I also share some of my own experiences and views. I only scratch the surface of what life is like working at sea, but I put the video together with the aim to inform people that are interested in working at sea.

An advert that I created to showcase my self and the other photographers on board P&O cruise ship, Oceana. Film & edited by Samson Reddyhoff

Cruise Ship Photographer Photoshoot.
Premium Portraiture is a service offered on board Cunard's ship, Queen Elizabeth.